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The Edge You’re Looking For.

Join the SMO Program and receive maximum discounts from leading Material Handling Manufacturers while expanding your product line.

SMO Program Benefits

Our catalog program allows you to enjoy maximum discounts from leading Material Handling Manufacturers. Sign-up for our paper and/or online catalog and instantly expand your product offerings to your customers.

Paper Catalogs

Make a lasting impression on customers with your company name and logo printed on each catalog. Your customers will appreciate buying from the best presented catalog in the industry.

Online Catalog

We set you up with a custom branded e-commerce site with over 33,000 products ready to sell. Your customized online catalog provides a power search tool, content management system, the ability to add your products and much more all at your fingertips.

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Email your mailing list to lisa@smocatalog.com


You can mail any quantity, but will receive better per piece postage rates when you mail at least 300 pieces.  Many times it will be cheaper to mail 300 pieces than it is to mail 292 pieces.  So if your list is close to 300 addresses, we would advise you to add names to your list.