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Free SKU Search web site and more…

If you are an SMO Dealer you can have access to our secure CMS area.

Here you can look up the manufacturer for an item, get your dealer costs and current catalog prices. As a dealer, you can also get a PDF file of the catalog, catalog indexes, Manufacturer’s Analysis Sheets, manufacturer phone/fax, and email/web address documents. Also available is our Excel File of SKUs.

Please call SMO for your login information 800-262-4525.

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Order Paper Catalogs

Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter Catalog Prices

Catalog Quantity H- Catalog
540 pages
Z- Catalog
308 pages
100-249 $2.55 each $2.19 each
250-499 2.45 each 2.09 each
500-1,999 2.35 each 1.99 each
2,000-2,999 2.32 each 1.96 each
3,000-4,999 2.28 each 1.92 each
5,000+ 2.24 each 1.88 each

Prices are FOB, Wisconsin, plus an imprint set-up charge of $75.00 per order.

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Just complete the form and fax it to us at 800-262-4535

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Low monthly fee of $59.95 and One-time setup charge of $195.00

All it takes is 2-3 working days, and we’ll have your site up and ready to take orders!

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  • Process mail list:  $70.00
  • Ink jet addresses to the cover:  $75.00 fee + $42.50 per thousand books. (This is in addition to your $75.00 catalog imprint charge)
  • If a mailing panel is not available on the back cover, Ripon will need to use a carrier card and shrink-wrap the books for $100.00 and Ripon will use their mailing permit.

Email your mailing list to


  • The Z catalog weighs less than 1 lb. and therefore is less expensive to mail.
  • The H book weighs more than 16 oz., so the postage is based on zone pricing.  The farther the destination is from Ripon, Wisconsin, the more the postage will be.  

You can mail any quantity, but will receive better per piece postage rates when you mail at least 300 pieces.  Many times it will be cheaper to mail 300 pieces than it is to mail 292 pieces.  So if your list is close to 300 addresses, we would advise you to add names to your list.