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Building relationships for over 35 years

For over 35 years, SMO Catalog Marketing has created unique relationships between suppliers and dealers.

The fundamental goal that has driven SMO throughout those years has been providing the highest quality paper and online catalogs, with the highest quality products, to dealers who in turn experience the maximum discounts and profit margins possible.

The result of SMO’s unique program is that our dealers buy direct from these suppliers – no other catalog program provides this great benefit. It’s the only program in America of its kind!

The SMO team is dedicated not only to constantly working with suppliers to ensure the absolute best discounts and profit margins for our dealers, but also in developing innovative tools for those dealers to stay competitive.

We look forward to working with you!

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  • Process mail list:  $70.00
  • Ink jet addresses to the cover:  $75.00 fee + $42.50 per thousand books. (This is in addition to your $75.00 catalog imprint charge)
  • If a mailing panel is not available on the back cover, Ripon will need to use a carrier card and shrink-wrap the books for $100.00 and Ripon will use their mailing permit.

Email your mailing list to lisa@smocatalog.com


  • The Z catalog weighs less than 1 lb. and therefore is less expensive to mail.
  • The H book weighs more than 16 oz., so the postage is based on zone pricing.  The farther the destination is from Ripon, Wisconsin, the more the postage will be.  

You can mail any quantity, but will receive better per piece postage rates when you mail at least 300 pieces.  Many times it will be cheaper to mail 300 pieces than it is to mail 292 pieces.  So if your list is close to 300 addresses, we would advise you to add names to your list.